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Princesse d’Isenbourg et Cie

We are a commercial EU Caviar entity with a definitive tendency for aquaculture Sturgeon Roe produced from and within the European Community.

Their prevailing Health, Hygiene and Safety Laws are infinitely more progressive and preferable to those from other worldly parts.

We do hold regular Caviar Tastings for up to ten participants on our premises

Treasures of the Caspian Sea

Caviar is the roe from the sturgeon, the world’s most valuable fish. Their naturally protected surroundings have helped them to be shielded from evolution of millions of years. The Caspian Sea has remained deep and warm with the sturgeon perhaps our only link to the stimulating, generous tastes and flavours known to our distant ancestors.

Between the late 80’s and 90’s, Princesse d’Isenbourg had been awarded the accolade to work directly with “SHILAT”, the official Iranian Fisheries Organisation, and became their sole UK distribution agent for Shilat’s Iranian Caviar. Only the finest Caviar deserves the Princesse d’Isenbourg label.

It is our aim and ambition to achieve a combination of pleasure and satisfaction that is no less than perfect.

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